Wednesday, June 18, 2014

247. Kimball Library, Great River Regional

As is often the case in small towns, this library shares space with the City Hall. Here,both city hall and library share a historic building, with a long, narrow space for the library and an adjacent somewhat wider space for civic functions--and overflow library programs. It appears that it was originally one large space, and since there are traces of a stage at one end, I'll hazard a guess that it started life as a music hall or theater.

Despite the length of the room, the first thing that caught my eye when I entered was a mural on the far wall, a nicely painted scene of parkland with trees. (See below.) The front of the stage, where it is visible, is painted to look like a white fence. There are several other places where the wall is painted, including a shallow column that juts out from the wall. The "column" is made to look like a tree, and the clock hanging on it made me think of the entrance to a large bird's home.

Picture books here are labeled "Everybody Books," which I always like to see. There is an old wooden school desk/chair unit.

I spotted one, perhaps two, public computers.

I enjoyed talking to the librarian about my upcoming trip to Glacier Park, by way of libraries in North Dakota, Canada, and Montana. I went out to the car and got my "travel notebook" so I could tell her about specific stops, because she once lived in Montana. She strongly recommended visiting a library that is on my "maybe" list, and so I shall try.

OK, what was most special about this visit is that I believe I have now visited ALL 32 of the library branches in the Great River Regional Library. All different, all interesting, all providing information and literacy for their communities. I hope your patrons know what a wonderful resource they have.

For more about this library, go to You should go there especially to see the long shot of the building; the details are great, especially the upstairs windows.


I quickly learned that the library door is
the one over to the right of the picture.

This mural really opens up the back wall.

A display of science items--perhaps prizes for the SRP? I forgot to ask.


  1. Congratulations on going to all 32 Great River Libraries. From my smug post in a teeming library in the big city, if I were asked how many branches were in the Great River system I probably would have guessed about seven.

    I am totally impressed at the ever increasing scale of your endeavor and am looking forward to hearing about the exotic foreign libraries of Canada. Who knew Canadians also had libraries!

  2. By the way, there are already some Canadian libraries in here, all in Ontario. This will be my first foray into Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Stand by!


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