Thursday, June 5, 2014

244. Grey Eagle, MN -- Great River Regional Library

Once again, bikes on the sidewalk signal "kids inside"-- a sight to warm the heart of anyone who cares about the future of libraries and reading. Even if they are inside using the computers!

The first half of the shelves on the right wall hold assorted media, with a sign encouraging patrons to use the Great River (GRRL) media materials, but reminding them that the library is not responsible for any damage the materials may cause.

The back half of the library is for youngsters, starting with two quite little ones, a boy and a girl, who were having a blast with the wooden train on its low table. There were book bins here, but they seemed to be for board books, not picture books, and it looked to me as if only adults and older kids would be able to reach into them. I kind of wondered about that, but forgot to ask.

A teen area has games like Pictionary safe on the top shelf. There was a sign encouraging teens to try "book bombing." Slips of paper said: "READ THIS! TEEN READ WEEK! Take this bookmark, put it in a book you really want other teens to read. Add what really mesmerized you about this book below." I don't know when Teen Read Week is, as there was no date, but I like the idea and I hope some teens did it!

Some shelves in the adult collection have name plates, suggesting contributions. There are a lot of large print books in the collection here.

A plaque says that this is a "1993 GE Community Library," developed with support of the Lions club.

If the man who told me about his long-expired New York library card reads this post, you are quite right, I should make the trip to visit New York City libraries, especially the Central library with the lions and the Brooklyn library where my Aunt Ruth once worked!

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