Thursday, June 5, 2014

119a. Sauk Centre revisit -- Great River Regional Library

I made this revisit primarily because Sauk Centre was on my route between Grey Eagle and Melrose and I always enjoy visiting Carnegie libraries.

Everything seemed quite familiar, including the beautiful fireplace, the original detailing on the plaster walls, and the vertical blinds. The other time I visited I was not so obsessed with "living room" reading areas, and I was not yet asking permission to take interior pictures. This time I got the picture, see below.

The media collection must be growing: "Books on CD are now on both sides of this shelf."

As on my other visit, the history museum in the lower level was closed, but the on-going Friends of the Library book sale was available. Price of books? "Freewill offering," paid in a box upstairs.

And, also as on my other visit, I couldn't immediately find the exit from the main level!

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