Wednesday, June 18, 2014

136a. Cold Spring, Great River Regional Library -- revisit

So, why revisit Cold Spring today? Well, it's up near the other two places I planned to go. And, hmmm...the Cold Spring Bakery. And a great bacon cheeseburger with fries. That should be enough reasons.

It's definitely a pleasant place to visit. Not too much has changed since I was last there, except that teens now have a hangout near the large, bright window, with a tall table and four very colorful chairs--see picture. I was invited to try out the beanbag chairs nearby, but pictured myself trying to get up from a beanbag chair, and wisely declined. I'm sure they are incredibly comfortable! In addition to good seating, there is also an anime club for teens.

Like the rest of Great River, the Cold Spring summer reading program is science-themed. I like the "guess the scientist" poster, with a quotation, bio, and picture...and come back next week for the answer. It appears that there will be one of these each week. Nice.

The staff, as they were at my last visit, are friendly and fun to talk to. But...the cheeseburger and the bakery were calling, as well as two more stops, so I had to move on.

For more about this branch, hop on over to Better yet, go visit. The staff will be happy to tell you how to find the restaurant and the mmmmm bakery.

6/18/2014, car

The new teen seating...

...which is right inside that window.

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