Thursday, March 13, 2014

Library Changes

I visit the Minneapolis Central Library almost every Wednesday, partly to drop off donations and visit with a volunteer in the bookstore, partly because I always have something to return or pick up at the library. And partly to provide opportunity for serendipity to surprise me.

Yesterday I met another bookstore visitor, and the volunteer, this visitor, and I got chatting. Turns out that he and I had similar majors at U of M back in the day and knew some of the same professors and their foibles. That kind of connection is always fun. But the reason for this post is that he told me about a NYT article I had somehow missed, about the Boston Public Library, and changes coming there, and changes to libraries in general. So I had to track down the article, of course, and it's fascinating. I visited BPL very briefly a bit more than a year ago, between arriving in Boston by bus from NH and leaving Boston by train for Minnesota. After reading this article, I know I will have to plan for a longer visit at the first opportunity.

Here's the link to the article:

Oh, about the "eating in the library" comments in the article? Don't try it in Minneapolis Central. Not even M&Ms. Trust me, I know.

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