Saturday, March 15, 2014

223. Cokato, MN GRRL

This library will have a re-visit in a couple of months, since they are in the midst of a remodeling project. I'm curious to see what they will do. In the meantime, if you need a very sturdy, low table, a two-sided wooden bookcase, or a large wire rack...stop by and make an offer! Or you can buy books from the Friends, sign up for a June Cleaver Tea ($15.00), or just put a contribution in the container on the desk.

According to signs, the book drop is emptied one hour before opening, and you will please not put bags of books in the book drop. I totally understand!

Little kids can play with a plastic barn and dollhouse. There was a display of Seuss and LeSieg books on one shelf, and helves with series books are labeled.

I think this is where I saw the useful sign "Please use Print Preview before printing!" If it wasn't, I apologize; I think it should be everywhere.

Pretty slim report here. I will make up for it on a return visit, I promise.

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3/15/14, car


  1. I so enjoyed meeting you and visiting for a few minutes on Saturday. I'm sorry if we weren't as "Quiet" as we should have been (see article on Shushing Librarians). I look forward to your return visit after our remodel project is finished. Thank you for mentioning our Tea Party. It is our last fundraiser before the bills start rolling in!
    Konnie - Library Assistant

    1. I'm not universally in favor of the "shushed" library. In a children's area, I tend to go with my father's rule, used especially on weekend drives: If it's happy noise (from three girls in the back seat), fine. The moment it becomes unhappy noise, watch out! I think cell phone users are the biggest problem. I don't recall un-quiet at Cokato, except for our conversation!
      If you think of it, put a response in here when the remodeling is complete, to remind me to return!


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