Friday, May 31, 2013

156. Norway, Michigan

The first thing I noticed at this library was the staff greeting patrons as they arrived, giving the sense of a very personal, friendly place. This was borne out when I chatted with the librarian toward the end of my visit.

The second thing I noticed was a 3-D bulletin board display featuring a castle and some princesses. A sign says "For display only, not for play"--and in front of the bulletin board, two chairs were just asking to have kids climb up The librarian agreed that it was risky creating the display, but said the kids have been quite respectful. Apparently princesses get moved from place to place, but the castle (which sticks out quite a bit) has survived unscathed. I hope that is still true!

The shelves are all wood, a feature that I feel gives warmth to a library.  I spotted at least three public computers, a microfilm reader, a lot of teen fiction, and collections of movies on both VHS and DVD.

The kids' area features a rug with a large US map, a TV/DVD player, a couple of tables, beanbag chairs, and coloring sheets. A nice collection of books, too, of course.

A browsing area by a big window houses periodicals, newspapers, and the reference collection. A new bulletin board with an underrwater theme is in development--no doubt complete by now, since I'm a bit behind on these entries!

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