Monday, May 27, 2013

Little Free Libraries, St. Paul, MN

I've been meaning to add these to the blog for some time now, and today was just right for a walk to take pictures. Both of these Little Free Libraries are within a mile of my house, and within a few blocks of the neighborhood school. They are in front yards in a residential neighborhood. There is a third (that I am aware of) in a small corner park on Como Ave. in Minneapolis. In fact, I think Minneapolis is going crazy with little free libraries!

I took a copy of May Sarton's "Fur Person," which I swapped for an oldish edition of Heidi at the first stop. I meant to leave "Heidi" at the second stop, but didn't see anything I preferred, so Heidi came home with me.

I just spent some time looking around at, and I see that it's quite an operation.

Spotted another one from the #3 bus, a bit smaller, just south of Como Lake. Seemed to be sponsored by a Girl Scout troop; good for them!

5/27/12, walking

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