Friday, May 31, 2013

162. Hollis Social Library, Hollis, NH

The original part of this library is a white colonial building on a classic New England village green. The modern addition is unobtrusive at the back, or as unobtrusive as an entry with a ramp can be.

This is the second library I've seen, both on this trip, that uses large, legible labels on book spines.

There are lots of large windows, a couple of two-person study rooms, and a Victorian-looking glass case full of stuffed birds. A modest meeting room is inside the main entrance. There are a handful of computers for adult use, none specifically for kids.

This library is located next to a park and near both middle and high schools. Perhaps this is why it's the only library I've seen that lends flying discs, with a sign that says "Borrow a frisbee and play in the park." They also have a telescope that can be borrowed for a week at a time. In the teen area, the librarian has created "teen book bundles" -- three thematically-related books with a label suggesting the theme: Why the hate? and Shakespearean Twists are two themes. A sign says "Say you're going on vacation..." It's a neat concept, but I wonder how popular these bundles really are. Another unusual feature of the young adult area is a collection of Shonen Jump magazines with a sign announcing to kids that they are free to take them home and return them "if you want."

The children's area is in the new part of the building, and a colorful mural spreads across the top of large windows. Large letters, perhaps 3/4", on the spines of the picture books make it easy to find the author's last name. There are book and media bags and a parent-teacher area.

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