Friday, May 31, 2013

158. Moore Library in Lexington, Michigan

With this visit to Lexington, I've completed my sub-project of visiting the four libraries described in "Main Street Public Libraries." This is a smallish brick building a block off Main Street. In something like the manner of Lake Elmo, MN, it rambles on from room to room, and in this case includes a second floor. Old ceiling fixtures and stained-glass windows contrast with a display of new books. Books of local interest are featured in both the adult and children's areas. In addition to everything one would expect to see, the collection includes a fair number of Playaway sets for kids.

There are at least three public computers, plus one for kids. A youth corner by a window includes an easy chair and YA fiction and non-fiction. There are many posters from "Geek the Library"--see for examples.

On the way upstairs I passed the "dragon stained glass," but unfortunately my picture did not come out well. I also saw a set of framed, old, photographs of "Women active in cultural and social activities of the village." I'm sure that if I looked in the Lexington chapter of "Main Street Public Libraries" I would find these women mentioned. Upstairs I found a knitting club busy at work and chat, the paperback collection, and a small room with an antique table supporting a very modern computer for genealogical research.

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Lexington goes on the list of "libraries near ice cream"--I had a generous cone of a flavor called (I think) "chunky cake." It was buttercream ice cream with chunks of intense chocolate. Very good!

 5/29/2013, car

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