Friday, July 29, 2016

426. Plattsburgh Public Library, Plattsburgh, NY

At the New York end of my ferry trip, the library is very different from the little one in Grand Isle. This isn't surprising, since the population here, approximately 20,000, is ten times the population of Grand Isle.

The first thing I noticed in the lobby was a pay phone that has been disconnected, "Sorry for any inconvenience." It's rare to see a pay phone at all these days! A display of books on birding provided a cheerier note.

To the right, across from the service desk, is a long row of stacks holding large print books, audio books, fiction, and non-fiction. Paperbacks are on separate shelves and spinners. Genre fiction is interfiled with general fiction; stickers on the spine indicate which are the genre books. I spotted Fantasy, Short Stories, Local Author, Science Fiction, and Mystery. Large windows and 4 carrels complete this area--except for anything that I may have missed, of course. I always miss something.

I meant to get a picture of the music CD section, which had a very nice tree and leaves painted on the wall. But getting pictures involved an extra step (permission from the Director), and I focused on the children's area, never making it back upstairs.

As I entered the Reference Room, I saw an 1899 map of Plattsburgh, then a map from 1852. Those 47 years certainly made a huge difference! A Reference Desk is by the entrance to this large space, a savvy location to serve people with questions. The spacious room has a fireplace, study tables, assorted other tables and chairs, and a card catalog of recent history.

And here I have a little glitch in my notes. There is a large curved window area with frosted glass bricks to moderate the light, another fireplace (or did I write "FP" twice in my notes?), biographies, and periodicals. Well, the library has all of those things, whether they are in one room or two. If you live there, you know; if you don't live there, you'll just have to take my word for it, Or go take a look!

There is also an area with new releases and best sellers, and about 18 computers for public use.

And then I went downstairs past some very unusual art by Erik Wilson.

The children's area is large and bright. An indoor story walk is based on "I Love My White Shoes" starring Pete the Cat. The two-page spreads have been photocopied and placed around the room, with a ribbon to guide from one page to the next. Paper "shoes" plus glue and scissors are available to take along and decorate along the way.

A big dome tent is set up as a cozy reading spot or general hideaway. Nearby is a very large array of Lego base plates mounted on the wall; I estimate that they make a 7-foot square, with bins of "unsorted Legos" on the floor nearby. That "unsorted" label puzzled me for a moment, until I noted a tall set of plastic drawers of Legos sorted by color. I checked the first few drawers, and they really were!

Nearby is a table with a checker/chess board printed on the top. Pieces for both both games are at hand, and other table games are on a handy shelf .

Junior fiction is shelved along the wall under the windows. "See Also" signs on the shelves are a neat idea. For example, near some Nancy Drew "easy readers" is a sign saying "See also J Fic KEE." So many books are coming out in editions that will be shelved apart, this should be very useful.

Another corner has brick-pattern vinyl flooring and a large rug with a "campfire" and "logs," a really nice design I don't recall seeing before.

An active play area for toddlers has blocks of many types and related toys; I saw some vehicles, building parts, and at least one boat.

I was a bit ahead of schedule, which almost never happens on my "library collecting" trips, so I was able to accept the invitation from Anne, the library Director, to stop in her office and chat. This was a high point of my two-week trip, Anne. Thanks!


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