Sunday, July 24, 2016

420. Salisbury Public Library, Salisbury, NH

I lived in Salisbury, New Hampshire, from about 1965 to 1972. At that time, this library was a single room; I think I only went to the library once back then. I was attending the University of New Hampshire and I also had access to the Concord, New Hampshire library.

A primary reason for this trip was to give DVDs made from home movies made in Salisbury in 1969 and 1970, one copy for the library an one for the Historical Society.

The library is now much larger. The children's area is in the original building, in the foreground of the picture below. The space seems to have been at least doubled with the addition of the part you can see at the far right of the picture. The collection and the atmosphere are much changed from my earliest memory here.

The door here is no longer used; the entrance is around the side to the left.

This is the first half-round alphabet rug I've seen, perfect for this small space. The other half of the space has a table (see below) which on the day I visited was set up for a nifty craft project. There were fabric bands with hook-and-loop fasteners, small drawstring bags, and a box of fabric markers. Kids were encouraged by a sign suggesting that they "Design your own bracelet or pouch." A nice project that I've never seen before.

I don't know if these signs were related to a summer reading program or perhaps year-round, but they were sports related: "On your mark, get set, read!" "Get in the game, read!" and "Exercise your mind, read!"

Adult books are on wall shelves and stacks positioned diagonally. I like the letters that stick out from the stacks to guide a reader to the desired author.

There is a large corner with windows on two sides and cushioned benches under the windows. There is at least one easy chair and a table with a couple of other chairs.

And like so many libraries in New Hampshire, there is a telescope that can be checked out. Quite a change from the 60's!



  1. So good to meet you. I am enjoying your entries! Rose

  2. So good to meet you. I am enjoying your entries! Rose


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