Monday, July 18, 2016

409. Manitowoc Public Library, Manitowoc, WI

This will be short. As I was driving to the Badger ferry dock in Manitowoc, I realized that I was passing the library. Once I was checked in and my car was in line, I had time to walk back and have a look. This was at about 11:45 in the morning, but the library would not open until noon. I didn't dare wait, since I wasn't sure just when the Badger would start boarding...and my bag with all of my ways to stay amused during the crossing to Ludington was in the car.

So, I settled for a walk-around, peeking in all the windows as best I could past the partially-open mini-blinds. I didn't see anything that looked like a children's area, so perhaps that is up the stairs. The easiest thing to see was the results of painting the windows with patriotic themes, which had been very thoroughly accomplished by (I'm guessing here) children and teens.

As I finished my walk-around, I met a woman, apparently a local patron, who thought the library opened at 11. I wish she had been right! I had just walked past the book returns (Children, Adults, Media), where I left my blog "calling card" in the Adult slot, Since she was carrying books, I told her where the book drop is located. She was very nice and didn't tell me that of course she already knew this!

Two metal signs tell the store of the library and celebrate its centennial in 2000.

Most of the window painting was in the lower half of the windows.
Here at the corner, the whole window gets the treatment.



  1. It is my understanding that the library closed due to loss of power that day.

    1. That wouldn't surprise me, as the wind was reportedly up to 35 mph. Where I live, winds like that often take down power lines. But I was there before the opening, so I don't know if there were any power issues. The ferry trip was certainly lively, however!


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