Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How is your library doing?

I just read this article about libraries in the UK, along with some interviews with library users. Take a look, then how about leaving a comment about your local library, whether it's thriving, whether it's offering new programs, and how you use it.

If you have trouble leaving a comment (I've heard that those without gmail accounts may have problems), send me an email at, and I'll paste it in as a comment.


  1. We've been to a library four times in the past week, during spring break. Last Monday my boys and I were at Rice Street for their inventor's workshop (facilitated by ArtStart) and back there Thursday for a showing of the new Peanuts Movie. On Wednesday we went to Roseville Library for their STEAM program, but weren't allowed into the room because they'd already reached their maximum capacity of 25 elementary aged kids. Instead, we played several games(including my 5-year-old's new favorite, Zingo), found some good books and enjoyed a little silent reading time. We went back there on Saturday for their "Life-Sized" Chutes and Ladders game. Each of my boys won a book to keep that day.
    We really like our local libraries.

  2. You and your boys are truly "library power users." Kudos to you for using both city and county library systems...and a bonus point for finding something fun to do when the STEAM program was full!


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