Sunday, March 20, 2016

383. Akers Memorial Library, Eddyville, Iowa

I spotted Eddyville on the map and decided to visit here, partly in honor of a friend, "Fast Eddy," a 75-year-old ultra-marathoner. What I found was a very nice, well-loved town library, with some unique features. How can it be that after more than 380 libraries, I'm still finding something new at every visit?

Here, the first thing that struck me was the upcoming fundraiser by the Friends of the Library. Not a bake sale, not a book sale...they are collecting purses and jewelry for sale! I didn't see jewelry, but there were boxes and boxes of purses, on the floor and on top of the shelves.

See the windows in the picture above? Inside those windows is a pleasant place to read, listen to music, or watch a video, with easy chairs, a couch, boom box, and TV/VCR. Nearby is a cabinet with reminders of 175 years of Eddyville, 1840-2015. There are also three computers.

The media display has a sign that the area is under surveillance, which is a necessary option compared to keeping DVDs at the service desk as some libraries do. And here's a heads-up for you: Star Wars and Game of Thrones DVDs circulate only one to a family at a time! Fair enough.

Some historical books are kept in a locked cabinet; a notebook lists the contents, and staff will get out the book(s) that you need. Adult fiction is shelved along the walls, non-fiction in free-standing stacks.

The kids area features a unique table that appears to be built of 3/4-inch plywood, painted in primary colors. As you can see in the picture below, it has a built-in holder for a roll of art paper. Somebody had a wonderful idea and the wherewithal to bring it about.

I was pleased to see a whole crate of books in the We Both Read series. I've used these books for tutoring and I like them a lot. They are great for an adult to read with a kid whose interest exceeds his or her present reading level. Baskets of board books for the youngest patrons are on the bottom shelves beneath the picture books. There are also board games available, and of course junior fiction and non-fiction.

You'll find the library's website at and you can also visit their Facebook page at

3/17/2017, car

This is the place!
Nice place to read or visit on a warmer day

Entrance, with the "child reading" statue on the bench

The custom table with the built-in rack for paper

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