Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Photo Phrustration

Those pictures I took on August 14, the ones I had to take with my antique cell phone? Finally, with the help of a tech-savvy librarian from Ramsey County, followed by more help from a tech-savvy T-Mobile clerk, I have the pictures on a thumb drive.

Before we all shout Hurray! we need to note that the pictures don't appear to be in any useful order. When I have a set of pictures from six libraries, as I have here, I use the date and time to attach the right picture to the right library. Three pictures taken right around 10:15, must be the pictures from my first stop, Sleepy Eye. Another few pictures from about a half hour later, next stop, Butterfield.

Without those clues, this is going to take some detective work. Eventually the sites visited on August  14 will have pictures. Eventually.


Addition after an hour of trying to match pictures to Traverse des Sioux Library System pictures and my notes: This isn't going well. I think I have things pretty well sorted out, but would someone please tell me which library has the statue of Linus (from Peanuts)?

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  1. Linus is from Sleepy Eye. The guy Linus is based on grew up in Sleepy Eye and was good friends with Charles Schlutz.


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