Sunday, August 16, 2015

358. Lewisville Public Library, Lewisville, MN

I could really use my pictures now, to supplement my notes! When I have the pictures, I may write more here, so if you're a Lewisville fan, please check back in a few days.

As I entered, I saw a notice about an upcoming Battle of the Books, a trivia contest for teens based on four books. Sounds like an excellent idea, and I hope it goes (went) well.

Inside, I was drawn to a portrait of Mary Ellen Lewis, Patroness of the Lewisville Library, dedicated 12/17/1994. I have to guess, and should have asked: Was she a descendent of the founder of the town? Please, someone, add an enlightening comment!

The kids area has a sign exhorting them to "Be a hero...Read!  Pow!  Zap!" 

I made note of the Little Tykes computer, three computers for adults, and YA fiction, then my notes end. I think that's when I started chatting with the librarian! [I can walk and chew gum at the same time, but chatting and note-taking at the same time, well, that's beyond me!]

For more about Lewisville and other Watonwan County libraries, go to


Yes, that's my finger on the lower left. Not yet accustomed to where the lens is on my phone.

Be a Hero--Zap! Pow! Read!

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