Saturday, March 21, 2015

309. Elmwood Public Library, Elmwood, WI

This is a small library with "a little bit of everything." When I arrived, two gentlemen were reading newspapers at the table by the window to the right of the door, and having a lively discussion about the news of the day.

The next thing I noticed was that everything (shelves, furniture...) is "In memory of..." someone. This indicates wonderful community support of the library, and the librarian agreed with that impression.

Teens have a tall table with a couple of chairs/stools by the back window. The children's area is toward the back, with books, papers for drawing and coloring, an enormous box of crayons, a small, charming "teddy bear" quilt on the wall, a large whiteboard and a magnetic board with letters, numbers, and pictures. And of course there is the cart for board books, see picture below.

I enjoyed chatting with the librarian. On my way out I saw a tall dinosaur-shaped container with a healthy collection of coins in the bottom and a request that one "feed the dinosaur" to support library programs. I didn't "feed the dino," but I did buy some books from the Friends of the Library. They'll start my collection for next Halloween!

For more about this library, go to or visit them on Facebook at

3/20/2015, car
Notice the collection of "book spines" above the entrance!
The "John Deere wagon" for board books is eminently suitable to the agricultural area.

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