Saturday, March 21, 2015

307. Hammond Community Library, Hammond, WI

Well, I have to start by apologizing for the pictures! I should have walked a bit further and taken a picture straight on of those wonderful Hammond murals. You'll just have to go see them for yourself. And I'll be back after I complete six new entries and will get the second picture upright. Mea culpa!

To the right inside the door is the library office, where the first thing I spotted was a collection of topical "Book Bundles," bags with four books, an activity, finger play and song ideas, and a list of additional theme books. And not just a bag: a bag with a ribbon on it, clearly stating that "this is something special." These bundles were to replace story times for March, while the librarian was away for a couple of weeks. Brilliant and thoughtful.

The first part of the long, narrow space is divided by a tall bookshelf into picture book space on the left and the YA / juvenile section on the right. On each side, short sections of shelves stick out from the outer walls, creating either mini-stacks or alcoves. Seems like a good use of space. There are toys for the youngest, including a Duplo table.

To the rear of the library is space for adults. Shallow shelves of paperbacks line the walls, and there are fiction, non-fiction, and audio books. At least three computers are available. A wooden rocker and a couple of armchairs are near the newspapers (on sticks!) and periodicals.

DVDs are represented by plastic sleeves with the case inserts; I didn't see a sign, but I assume the DVDs themselves must be obtained from the librarian. There are also some circulating Wii games. A shelf of requests indicates that patrons are making use of the MORE library system sharing.

Props to the librarian, a very lively presence. I think that Hammond is very fortunate to have her! I hope the Friends of the Library are able to follow through on their plans to make the upper-level space usable for expansion.

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3/20/2015, car

These painted panels are very attractive.



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