Saturday, March 21, 2015

308. Spring Valley Public Library, Spring Valley, WI

As is true in many small towns, the Spring Valley Public Library shares a building with other municipal services. It's also right across the street from the elementary school. The most notable feature as I walked in was a very long display case that fills half of the right-hand wall. It holds the Doug Blegen (1946-2002) Historical Collection, a wonderful array of pictures, objects, clippings, and so forth. I noticed that the rest of the wall is being prepared to double the display space, and I learned in the library that Doug Blegen's brother has followed his footsteps as town historian and will be filling the new space. Very cool.

After walking the length of the corridor to the library entrance, I headed to the back of the space, planning to work my way forward. I found a bright adult browsing area with a couple of windows (one with an attractive stained glass hanging), assorted tables and chairs, and a collection of periodicals. Non-fiction and fiction books are shelved here, with a detailed poster about the Dewey Decimal System.

Heading back to the front of the library, I found a Large Print collection, three computers, a lot of recorded books and DVDs. There is a lot of kids' art on the walls which really sparks the space; this includes some framed art labeled "Artwork of the Month--Spring Valley Art Department."

The children's area has shelves of picture books and plenty of "J" material. I think there is a teen area in one corner near the librarian's desk. I was intrigued to see three computer keyboards, without computers, on a low table. The assistant librarian confirmed my guess: The kids love to pretend to use computers. Since the library is so close to the school, I asked about program connections and learned that, in addition to some classes coming to the library, they also run a program on "early release" days that attracts 30 to 50 kids for crafts and a movie. The place must be really jumping on those afternoons!

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3/20/2015, car
The bottom line of the sign says "MARCH INTO READING."

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