Thursday, September 12, 2013

4a. Washington County Wildwood Branch Library, Mahtomedi, MN -- Re-Visit

I've wanted to come back to this library, I think because I remembered the large, rounded, windowed areas and wanted to see them again. They are still there, and just as fine as I recalled.

The first circular area, to the left of the entrance, is for children. Picture book bins radiate through the space...think of spokes, with the window as the rim of a wheel. After the J fiction area, a long, straight window seat faces the teen fiction shelves; several tables and a collection of table games are nearby.

Continuing around the library, there are windows everywhere. Most windows have a table and chair and a nice relaxing view to the greenery outside. Looking around the non-fiction area, I was surprised to see Reference books shelved with their circulating cousins. "R" on the spine and a "Library Use Only" label mark their special status. I can't think of another library where I have seen these shelved together, but perhaps I haven't looked in the right place. Something to watch for, going forward.

I spotted some interesting books in a series called Women's Adventures in Science, labeled "J". I discovered when I got home that Ramsey County does not have this series (must speak to someone about this, they look good); Hennepin County has them, but they are designated as adult books, or at least not J. They looked like "high J" to me; I will get hold of a couple and read them to see what I think. I've recently had a little chat with some folks about books labeled J that I think are for older readers, now here I find the opposite case. [Yes, I am probably a bit of a thorn in the side of a few people, on this subject and others.]

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