Sunday, September 1, 2013

125a. Great River Regional: Eagle Bend Revisit

When I came through Eagle Bend last year, the library was closed. I wrote what I could based on looking in the window, reading posters, and walking around town a bit. Today, it was open and it was a treat. Like every "storefront" library I've seen, the interior felt much larger than I expected. In this case, the spacious feeling is enhanced by the presence of a historical museum on the left side, with many interesting artifacts. In a way, I was glad the museum area was closed--I would have been sorely tempted to linger there!

The children's area has a playhouse, a large stuffed dragon (sleeping under a shelf), lots of audio-and-book kits. Bins hold picture books with their spines up, a practice I haven't seen before. There are modest collections of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, and of course patrons have ready access by request to the entire Great River Regional collection.

A sign on the wall says "Let your mind take flight," a good motto for a library. Beside that sign are a series of large drawings of famous people--by a local artist, perhaps? I should have asked. A corner by the front window has magazines to check out, as well as a magazine swap area. There are five public computers, and several of them were being enjoyed by young patrons when I was there.

Eagle Bend participates in "1000 Books Before Kindergarten," a program that I think is wonderful. Dozens of preschoolers have their names in a display on paper "scoops of ice cream"--more names than I would have expected for this small town. Kids who complete the program get a book and a stuffed animal (the Pout-Pout Fish); the program is partially supported by Kohl's Cares for Kids; thanks, Kohl's!

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