Thursday, September 12, 2013

5a Washington County, Valley Branch Library, Lakeland, MN -- Re-visit

This library impressed me even more this year than last year. As you enter, the children's area is on the left, a long, uncluttered area bookended by broad, carpeted window sills/seats on one end and a cozy couch on the other. The window sill holds display books as well as some games and toys, and the floor area is set off by a large "Arctic Ocean" rug with the message "Chillin' with a good book." (Given the nature of Minnesota winters, I can't help but wonder if there is another rug for "warming up with a good book" during the cold months.) I like the poster that says, with a nod to Numeroff,

"If you give kids good books...
they'll want to read them
again and again."

After the J Fiction shelves, the back of the space holds an adult browsing area with what I call a "living room" setup. Teens have a small corner for themselves, with a modest collection of fiction, including some graphic novels and manga, and a table and chairs.

I saw four public computers, not counting catalog computers. A shelf near the service desk holds free literature of local interest, and a set of increasingly-rare phone books. The storefront window on the "adult side" held a display that must be effective--because I noted one of the titles and have just put a request in at one of my local libraries!

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