Thursday, August 1, 2013

183. Public Library, Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin

This town was not on my original list for this trip, but it was suggested by a librarian at Viroqua, and it was on my way. She said that the town was noted for having moved after a flood, and for being a "solar town" back before solar was big. Indeed, when I got there I noticed solar collectors on several roofs. Also, sadly, I noticed that the library had closed 28 minutes earlier.

So I did what I do when that happens--I peeked in the windows. Well, first I started in the lobby, which the library shares with a community center. There are a series of plaques listing library donors, and a painting of The Little Engine that Could that seems to have been used to measure donations in 2010--to the sum of $600,000.

Peeking in, I saw a very attractive wooden service desk; four public computers; some upholstered chairs; and a slightly lower area that appeared to be the kids area. I walked around to the back of the building and tried to peek in some more, without too much success. But I can tell you that they have an absolutely ginormous pine cone on one of the windowsills.

I left one of my "I've visited" cards on the door, and I'll try to time my trip better the next time I drive down this way.

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