Tuesday, August 13, 2013

193. Hinckley, MN, Public Library

An eye-catcher in the small lobby is a white board with many 3x3 sticky notes with book titles and a heading New Releases from Your Favorite Authors. That was a nice start to the visit. Right inside the door was a Dig Into Reading display created by someone on staff, showing various underground critters--see picture. I believe the reading program just ended last week.

A picture book corner has bright golden walls with lots of colorful posters and new books displayed face-front. A basket of plastic food and a selection of stuffed animals and animal puppets were standing by, ready for imaginative play. Six periodicals are available for kids: American Girl, Cricket, Mailbox, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Ranger Rick, and New Moon--that's a nice variety. Bright plastic sand pails and shovels were hanging from the ceiling. Fall leaves coming soon?

As I moved to the adult area, I spotted some clever posters with reproductions of "great masters" paintings, each with the caption "Master the Art of Reading." A plant-filled window impressed me so much that I had to get a picture of it, see below, and there is a second, similar window. There are at least five public computers, and recorded books on both CD and tape.

As I was leaving, I spotted a flyer for a "Princess Story Hour." If I understand correctly, the readers would be "royalty" from a local festival of some sort. I bet the place will be mobbed with little girls in pink!

For more information, go to http://ecrl.lib.mn.us/hinckley.html.

8/13/2013, car

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