Friday, August 16, 2013

Johnsville Branch ACL -- the Mystery Library

The reason I went to Johnsville today was to inquire about a mystery: Back in July 2012, shortly after I started this project, I visited Johnsville because it's a MELSA library, and I wrote one of my terse early posts. In June of 2013, I re-visited and wrote a longer post. The mystery: That early post, one little paragraph, has attracted over 150 views, putting Johnsville in 5th place in the "how many times is your post visited?" sweepstakes. (No, there isn't a prize.) I hoped someone could tell me what was up.

In a way I feel as if Johnsville has jinxed me. First, I forgot that I'd been there with the same questsion in June. Second, although I reminded myself to check before I headed out this morning, I arrived more than an hour before the branch opened. [Culver's to the rescue.]

Nobody seems to know why that one year-old post is attracting so many hits. If you are interested in this branch, I suggest putting "Johnsville" or "Wally the Walleye" in the blog's search field, so you can read all about it.

For the record, Highland Park in the St. Paul system is in top place for visits, with about 450. There, too, nobody can explain why.

8/16/2013, car

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