Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wayzata Branch, Hennepin County Library -- Revisit

Last year I visited Wayzata library on a very, very hot day. Today was cool, and some threatened rain had blown through before the bus was out of downtown. I rode out to Orono, had lunch at Culver's, and stopped in Wayzata on the way back. We'll count Wayzata as a library with ice cream nearby; there is a Ben and Jerry's down the hill, near the lakeshore.

Approaching from the south this time, I started my visit with a set of 50 steps--yes, I counted them. They brought me up through a garden area with what to my uneducated eye appeared to be wildflowers on the hillside and cultivated flowers at the top. Very nice.

Inside, a wall of windows looks out across this garden to the lake. Each end of this wall has a "living room" area of comfortable chairs, one end for those browsing periodicals and newspapers, the other for general use, though the large print books are nearby. Between these two areas are four study tables, each seating four people. There are also several quiet study rooms for individuals or small groups. Each seating area and table was occupied on this beautiful afternoon; the view may have compesated for the need to be inside.

I saw about ten public Internet computers, plus eight in the children's area and four more for teens. The teen area was partially enclosed, and a sign indicated that it is only for teens after noontime in the summer.

The large "found art" piece is still on the wall in the children's area. Today I spotted its title: "Go to Your Room." Stepping back, I could see the similarity to a bedroom floor ringed by toys. The preschool area has toy food in a "shop" and a wooden "cook top" that sits on a table, so there is no need to have the space for the usual toy kitchen. There are bins of board books and many "E" picture books, some in alphabetical bins and some displayed by theme.

I like the DVD sign made of broken pieces of -- what else? -- DVDs. Clever.

Children's fiction is labeled "Children's" on the spine, not the typical "J"--I'm not sure I've seen that practice before.

There is a model of two shops on display behind the Information desk. I was told that it is on loan from the Historical Society. There is also a model of the train depot (I think) displayed in one of the reading areas.

For more information about this branch and its environs, go to

7/24/2013, bus and walking

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