Monday, July 8, 2013

Transit and Libraries

I found something new to me on the Hennepin County site, and I wonder if it was there last year and I missed it?

I was looking at the HCL locations and hours and chose the first library on the list, Augsberg. I couldn't quite recall where it is (hey, I have at least 183 different libraries in here now!) so I was looking for the link to a map. Right next to that link I spotted a button called "Transit." I clicked on that and went to a map and a "trip advisor" similar to the one available within the Metro Transit site. Right there, I could put in my home address--or any address--and my departure time, and get times, route numbers, all the info I would need to travel to that library.

I tried this with a couple of other Hennepin County branches, and it worked just fine. Then I took a look at St. Paul's and Ramsey County's websites. Maps, yes. But no information about transit. I've sent email queries to both, asking whether I'm missing this feature on their sites. I'll update this when I get aswers.

Public transportation is one of my interests, along with libraries. I strongly suggest that libraries that can be reached by public transportation should make the needed information readily available.

Three cheers for Hennepin County for doing this.

Prompt response from St. Paul, see Comment below. Only response from Ramsey County so far (24 hours after my query), a librarian who says she's forwarded the question to Automation Services.

Over a week later, no further response from Ramsey County. All of their branches CAN be reached by bus, except White Bear Lake--unless you want to head out there with the commuters in the evening and go home the next morning!

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  1. I received a reply from St. Paul within a couple of hours:
    Hello, and thanks for your message.

    If I hadn't looked, I would have said that bus routes and links to schedules and maps were already there, but sure enough, they have gone missing from the pages on the main site (they are still appearing on our location information pages on the catalog).
    I'll find out what happened and get them displayed again on the location pages on the main site.
    Thanks again!



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