Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Riverview Branch, St. Paul Public Library--Revisit

My visit today was brief; I had requested a book and asked to pick it up here, just for fun.

I read my post from last summer where I noted that this was a very lively library. It was perhaps not so lively this year, but that was probably due to the time of day. I sat for a while and watched a young boy, perhaps 10, very competently using the online catalog. That was nice to see.

Outside there are two benches bracketing a small paved area with monarch butterfly designs. A couple of the designs are in color, others are dark sillouettes intended for counting.

I left quickly in order to catch a bus...which did not come. If I'd known the next bus would not come either, I would have gone back inside, but hope springs eternal when it comes to waiting for buses. I ended up waiting by the bus stop, reading, for about an hour...

For more information about this branch library, go to'

7/18/2013, bus

After seeing the pictures, it won't surprise you to know this is one of three Carnegie libraries in St. Paul.

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