Monday, October 15, 2012

71a. St. Paul, Highland Park Branch Revisited

I needed something to do today, so I headed back to Highland Park in St. Paul to try and solve a mystery.

First, though, a sign I overlooked on my earlier visit. As a library page, I often check in media of various types, and I dread the case with the missing disk--or the wrong disk--or the patron's personal disk. Highland Park at least tries to address this with a sign near the AV return: "Please check that all items are in their correct cases." I should have inquired about whether the sign helped, since I know that even dedicated library users don't always seem to read environmental text. But I was more interested in the mystery.

The mystery is this: Since this blog was started on August 7, 2012, there have been approximately 4910 page views (to October 15). Big deal, huh? But almost 10% of those views have been of the original Highland Park post. Out of about 120 libraries I've written about in here, one library gets 10% of the action, about 450 post views! The next runners-up have a tenth of that. Why? Well, I still don't know. I talked to a couple of staff at the library, and nobody knows. I've poked around in the information provided by blogspot, and I can't find any helpful hints.

Do YOU know an answer to this mystery? Please share any knowledge or theories.

10/15/2012, bus

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