Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BIG Books

I stopped by the Friends of Hennepin County Library bookstore today, in the atrium of the Minneapolis Central Library. I bring them my periodicals as I read them: New Yorker, Smithsonian, etc., and I look around to see if there is anything I "need." Today, what a find, for a crazed person with a blog called "Every Library I Can"--a two volume set, the 64th edition of the American Library Directory! 520 cubic inches, many pounds, of library listing in the US and Canada!

Do I need this set? No, of course not! But did I buy it? Of course! A great bargain at $8.00; what else can you get for only 1 1/2 cents per cubic inch? It's a nice blue color, with the title in gold. Now I can really go after the 16,000 plus USA libraries, and the Canadian ones as well. With a bucket this big, I only need one list for the rest of my life!

And are the books interesting? Well, to a certain library nerd, you bet! I was up well past my bedtime, browsing for this library and that, marveling that one sister's town library has more books than I would have guessed, the other's town has no library! Endless time could be spent...


  1. Hi Ellen! Thanks again for alerting me to your great blog about all the libraries you have visited so far... I'm really enjoying just browsing thru them all, and I was so pleased that you mentioned the Mpls. Central Library's Friends Bookstore, as there are so many people who still don't know anything about it yet.

    Keep those very appreciated magazine donations coming in so we can chat again about our mutual love of books and libraries!


    Steena, the bookstore volunteer

  2. Thanks, Steena... I'm happy to mention the Friends Bookstore. The idea is catching, as just about every library I visit has at least a shelf of books for sale. Only a handful have a full-scale store in it's own space. Hudson, WI, does, and I think Cold Spring.


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