Friday, October 19, 2012

121. Great River, Annandale

A reading corner with upholstered chairs and a large oil painting creates a warm greeting. A neat feature of the adult area is spinners of paperbacks at the end of each shelf of books. Nicely crafted wooden bases for the spinners make them look classy. There are also classic-looking wooden tables here and there, and original art (for sale) on the walls.

Something I haven't seen anywhere else is a set of "Wanted" posters showing cartoonish characters "caught reading." Perhaps someone reading this will add a comment telling the rest of us whether these are available, and where. Please?

The children's area features a large rounded window with a stained-glass insert. This creates a very warm, light, inviting area. (See the first picture, and the far-left of the second picture.) I got so involved talking to a staff person that I rather fell down on the note-taking in this area!

A large plaque lists library supporters at various levels, making it clear that community support for this library is considerable. Above this display is a quotation from Andrew Carnegie: "A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people." A good reminder every time one walks in.

This library shares a building with town offices, seen at the right in the second picture.


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