Saturday, November 28, 2015

374 Erickson Memorial Library, Spicer, MN

After I left Willmar, a short drive of 10-15 minutes got me to the town of Spicer. Another ten minutes of confusion with my GPS finally had me facing the very obvious library sign. I totally rely on my GPS on these library visits, and every once in a while, it doesn't work as well as I would like. As you can see in the picture, this is the Erickson Memorial Library. On my way out, I noticed a picture of MABELLE ERICKSON; I didn't ask, but I assume the library is in her memory.

I was immediately impressed with the display case of banned books, with the caption "We Read Banned Books." Libraries should exist to meet the needs of all readers, and it's good to see this proudly displayed. [As I took the picture below, a patron entering the library gave me a look that suggested I was engaging in odd behavior.]

The children's area welcomes one with a banner "Dream Big -- Read." Then...well, you know that I always look for something I haven't seen anywhere else. Here, that "something" was a large gazebo, it's lower walls and floor well-cushioned for cozy reading and its outer walls covered with racks and shelves for books. What a great idea! I was sorry that it wasn't full of kids...but on the other hand, if it had been, I couldn't have taken the picture.

Another feature that I see at a few libraries is the two-sided slanted table, perfect for looking at large picture books.

I didn't really neglect the adult area. There are a half-dozen study carrels and stacks with fiction and non-fiction books. I like the use of sliding bookends that extend down from shelves (though they don't seem to work too well with shelves of short paperbacks). There are are a couple of cozy places with cushioned chairs for browsers to sit and read, one with a large plant. Plants are always a nice addition to a library, if you have staff or volunteers who are committed to their care.

There are, I believe, five Internet computers available. DVDs are not kept in their cases, but must be requested at the service desk.

A nice practice that I see occasionally is inviting patrons to adopt a book; that is, to donate the purchase price of a desired book, and dedicate the book in Honor or in Memory of the person of your choice. There was a small box of slips of paper with book titles and cover pictures, along with the purchase price, a convenient way, I would think, of keeping track of what has been donated and what is still desired.

The library website is at There is a nice article about the library here:

I couldn't find a Facebook page.


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