Monday, November 9, 2015

371 Kasson, MN SELCO (SELS) Region

I knew what direction I wanted to head on Saturday, so I checked the map for towns of interest. There was Kasson, so I went to the website to check their hours. While doing that, I saw that Kasson is building a new library, and that sealed the deal. That, and the tag line "The place to go when you need to know."

The dynamic tone of this library comes through in many ways. A bright bulletin board in the entrance features color copies of audiobooks and DVDs "New in November." The end cap of shelves near the service desk is covered with paper and bears the question, "What are you thankful for?" Markers are available and the paper is filling up. A framed sign bears this quotation from Barbara Stripling of the American Library Association: "A library is an invitational space. Anybody--everybody is invited to come in and you have the freedom to explore ideas." These are three wonderful and significant ways to start a library visit.

The current building is not fancy, but it is working. There is a very nice "living room" by the windows, close to periodicals, newspapers, and media. A good selection of large print books is nearby. The collection is understandably limited, but all of the resources of the South East Library System (SELS, formerly SELCO) are available to patrons. The non-fiction collection includes the 1997 Laws of Minnesota, 2112 Minnesota Rules, and 2014 Minnesota Statutes.

The children's area has a non-fiction corner with a bright carpet, seating, and a Little Tykes computer. All the "truck" books have been given their own space on the shelves, perhaps in honor of the construction of the new library. I like the two rectangular tables, one with red trim and eight red chairs, the other with blue. A sign above the media collection says "Videos are not for public performance unless specifically stated." I have not seen this mentioned before, although I have seen variations of  "Copying music? You're breaking a Federal Law. Stop it. Now. Really."

Before leaving, I chatted with the librarian and got directions to the new construction site. One thing I thought very interesting is that the building is designed to serve as a community shelter in case of tornadoes, a very important and realistic approach to design. I've included one picture of the construction site below. You can see many others at the library website, The library is also active on Facebook at

Finally, a big "Happy Birthday" to the town of Kasson, founded in 1865 and thus 150 years old this year!

11/7/2015   car

The present building, close to the heart of "downtown."

Not far away, construction has started on the new building.
 I'll be back!

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