Monday, September 29, 2014

New Library Planned for Calgary--Pictures Added!

OK, I haven't visited this one--it isn't built yet! But I will have to make another trip west through Canada when it opens! Have a look. [I finally read most of the attached article. No rush on the trip...this library won't open until 2018!]


“Since embarking on this project, one of the things we’ve kept reminding ourselves is that we don’t just want to build the best library in the world. We want to build the library that’s best for Calgary,” explains Craig Dykers of Snøhetta.
GALLERY: A look at Calgary’s New Central Library
Officials say the final design reflects suggestions gathered from two years of public engagement and open houses.In addition, the entire concept for the building was shaped by the LRT tracks that bisect the library site in a north to south arc.
“The exterior and street life surrounding the library is just as much a part of the building as the interior,” says Rob Adamson of DIALOG. “The outdoor plaza welcomes visitors from East Village and beyond and invites them into the building to explore, relax, reflect and connect.”
Construction of the New Central Library is already underway.

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