Monday, September 15, 2014

93a. Hennepin County, Excelsior, MN -- visit to new building

The new building for this library blends nicely with the architecture of this lakeshore town. It's located on a popular bike trail, and has an outdoor reading area with colorful benches and chairs all along one side. I was here on opening day, but I waited until late afternoon in order to miss all the hoopla. It was still very busy, however, with many kids enjoying the boat and other delights.

The teen area includes audio books, teen fiction, and graphic novels. I liked the display of "Teens Top 10," a row of multiple copies of popular teen fiction. Also, there were sheets of temporary tattoos on one of the tables in this area; nice edgy black ones!

I asked where the bell is (see entry 93 from my first visit here two years ago) and learned that it belongs to the city, not the library, so it stayed behind. The collection of old model fire trucks was given to the fire department. But the life-sized carved wooden "Brary the Beaver" is still present, right inside the main door. I like the murals; the one with the roller coaster reminded me that when I was a grad student at the U of MN in the 60s, I heard about "the amusement park at Excelsior." I never went there, but it was famous.

Someone has put a lot of work into an album of photographs showing the whole building process.

I could say a lot more, but in this case I'm going to send you to an online album of pictures for a complete tour. Go to and enjoy! Then hop on your bike and go visit.

9/13/14, car

Did I mention that the bike path is close?
That's it, to the left in the picture!

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