Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mounds View Library, Ramsey County, MN -- Revisit

One thing I really like about the Twin Cities / MELSA area is the respect for libraries. I recently saw a letter to the 9/15/2013 Library Journal that read in part, "We have succeeded in saving our three Miami Beach public libraries, but major cuts in days and hours open are on the horizon. ... As I write this, the archives at the main library--in Miami--are being removed..."

The difference here, where I live? I have on my list for this weekend three libraries that have recently been re-opened after refurbishing. I can think offhand of at least two with new buildings under construction, and several others in the planning stages. We who live here need to remember from time to time how very fortunate we are.

With that said, I drove up to Mounds View after my shift this morning, to see what changes have been made there.

My first impression was "it's so light!" This is not at all a sunny, bright day, quite the contrary, but new carpet and paint, light wood ends on the shelves and a faux-stone countertop at the service desk, both replacing bright-red predecessors, have made a world of difference.

 I don't recall seeing the meeting room or the two study rooms during my first visit, summer 2012, though they were surely there. Two sides of the building have large windows. There is a teen corner near these windows, with a modest sign asking that users "Respect yourself, respect others, respect the space." There are also a couple of "living room" areas by other windows. I counted about 10 public computers, and there is a wide counter along one wall for laptop use. I like the wall-mounted storage for Manga and periodicals.

Last year my favorite focal point in the children's area was the fire engine seating area with shelves of books on fire safety and firefighters. That is still there, and I still like it, but now my favorite has to be the rug with a map of the United States!

Congratulations to Mounds View for a make-over that seems to my eyes to be all positive!

No new picture, because I didn't have my camera. But you can head to for more information. That site has a nice map of the area...I do wish it had information about access by public transportation!

10/24/2013, car

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