Friday, October 11, 2013

213. Carlton Library, Carlton, MN, Arrowhead Region

Carlton wasn't on my list for today's trip, but two things happened to change that. First, the librarian I spoke to in Cloquet said I "really should" visit; second, one library I had planned to visit frustrated me because parking meters took quarters only (and I didn't have any) and when I looked for alternatives I got messed up in the spaghetti pile of one-way streets, and I gave up. So on the way home, I stopped in Carlton. Good choice. I just have to like a library that shares its storefront entry with a barber shop! And there is a wood sculpture just inside the door that looks like a stack of rough-hewn airplane propellers; I really should have asked about that, and can only hope that the librarian or a patron will see this post and leave an enlightening comment.

Kids get the best seats in the house, in the front near the windows. Display space features many three-D wooden puzzles of dinosaurs and such. The book and media collection is modest, but from the library website I learned that part of the video, audio, and large print collections rotate among the Arrowhead branches, and items from the entire Arrowhead Region collection are available on request, of course.

I enjoyed seeing two antique upright typewriters out where kids (or anyone) could give them a try. There was also a paper-tape machine of the sort I saw in the 40s when Dad was a volunteer fireman in NH.

I like seeing spine labels in a larger-than-usual font. And I was surprised and pleased to see that Kill-A-Watt meters are available to borrow.

There is framed art by local residents, including kids, on the wall, and the librarian would like more.

A friendly, welcoming place in this very small town. To learn more, go to

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  1. The propellers are done by Mario, a local wood working artist. They are a wonderful conversation starter. We also have a few of his smaller pieces on display.

    Jodie, Library Director

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Jodie. They really are unique!

  3. Hey! Someone recently asked me at my Library if we had typewriters. It was the first time in, like, seven years. I wish I had read this then so I could direct him to the Carlton Library: "Just take the 35, you can get there in less than two hours."

  4. Closer by: Send those requests to an elementary school just over a mile south of you, ask the school secretary if they can borrow hers.


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