Saturday, April 27, 2013

152. Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

Marine Community Library is within Washington County, but is independent. Last summer I posted a picture of the Express library lockers provided by Washington County Library, but the library itself was closed. Today I decided to get a look inside.

Before I headed out, I checked the web page, and I recommend that you have a look. You'll find this on the home page: "The Marine Community Library is as unique as the residents it serves. A new partnership between citizens, Washington County and the City of Marine, the library combines access to books and technology with a comfortable setting and a committed volunteer staff. Come spend time in our community living room!"

"Community living room" seems to express the ambience very well. The library is totally staffed by volunteers, which tells you just how much this community values library services. It is mainly housed in a single, brightly-lighted room that seems to be about 1/3 for kids and 2/3 for adults, in terms of the collection. There is one public computer, and wi-fi is available for laptops. I had a fine time chatting with the volunteer on duty this morning.

Another room in the building has a good-sized bookshelf with a paperback exchange.

Do look at their web page; there is much more to this site than meets the eye.

4/27/2013, car


  1. Thank you for visiting our library in Marine on St Croix. The Community enjoys this bright space, people enjoy the art displayed as well as finding new books to read. I believe you have 1/3 of the collection missing - did you mean to include 1/3 nonfiction? Check out our popular events. christine

  2. Thanks for catching that typo, Christine. My rough guess was based on the long center shelf with children's material facing the windows and adult material "inside," PLUS the wall shelves of adult material. With this collection as a core, and the opportunity to access the Washington County collection through the Express lockers, Marine on St. Croix is well served. It is impressive that volunteers will make the effort to provide the "living room" to supplement "Express."


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