Friday, March 17, 2017

441 Cannon Falls Public Library, Cannon Falls, MN

As you can see from the cornerstone, this building dates to 2012. I looked on line for a Cannon Falls Library site, looking for some history, but couldn't locate one at this time. Perhaps someone will leave a helpful comment and I can add some revisions. Please?

To the right of the entrance there is a nice "living room" area (not pictured because it was in use) with newspapers and periodicals close by. The "Holds" shelf and media are also in this area. Along the wall are a number of study carrels, then a nice area with a fireplace, windows, and easy chairs. And the largest, healthiest ficus tree I think I've ever seen!

The Teen corner has a number of signs indicating that the booth is "Reserved for Young Adult Patrons. Thank you!" "Let's meet at the library and go over our Physics homework in the booth!"

Close to this corner I spotted a small bookshelf with issues of "The Mailbox: Idea Book for Teachers" from 2004 to 2016, and a few other publications of interest to teachers. Nice; it's rare that I've seen libraries with resources like this specifically for teachers.

No surprise, this handsome bookcase holds historic books and genealogical resources.

Trees with leaves are a popular way to honor donors. This is a very handsome example.

As in Zumbrota, kids can sit in the magical chair to read--or perhaps just pretend to be royalty? The children's area had a display in honor of Mem Fox's birthday. I was glad to see this, especially as she recently had a very unnecessarily difficult time with Security on a trip to the US from Australia.

When I visited the Zumbrota library, the staff pointed out their very large collection of board books for babies and toddlers. Umm...they might want to take a look at the Cannon Falls collection. I didn't count at either site, but they both have a lot!

This case with wire "in baskets" is a great way to store and display junior periodicals. The shelf to the left holds recorded books for kids.

A a sign on a shelf of audio books near the service desk suggests that "Traffic--It's better with audio." I'll bet that a lot of Cannon Falls residents commute to Rochester or the Twin Cities and thus have ample time for audio!

I don't usually zero in on details like this, but this is one of the most handsome service desks I've seen.

And now, according to my records, I have visited 21 of the SELCO libraries; sixteen to go, according to a list I was given on this trip. It's always good to have a goal!


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  1. We'd like to thank you for stopping by the library. Here is a link to our website for some history information about the library.
    Thanks again for visiting our library and for the wonderful post. - Cannon Falls Library


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