Wednesday, October 5, 2016

432 Harmony Public Library, Harmony, MN

The Harmony Public Library is one of many organizations housed in this building which appears to be a former elementary school. I think I chose the wrong place to park, as the library is at the far end to the right.

Other occupants of the building range from a Senior Citizens Center to an Early Childhood and Family Education program. Entering the building where I did brought me into a lobby with a courtesy phone and a telephone directory, two features that are useful and increasingly rare. The hall to the right is lined with pictures of high school graduating classes from 1919 through 1993, plus 1906, 1907, 1908, and 1912.

The library entrance is down the hall all the way on the left. The area for little kids, shown below, has plenty of scope for imaginative play and a cute toddler-sized couch. Beyond this is the area for school-aged kids, with a sign on the wall indicating that "This corner is brought to you by the American Legion of Harmony, Lions Club of Harmony, and Torgerson's Paint and Flooring. It's always great to see such community support for literacy.

One window at the rear looks out on a reading patio with a mural on a nearby wall.

To the right of the door to the patio is an area full of light from large windows, with casual seating and a study table. In general, fiction is shelved along the walls, with non-fiction on diagonally-oriented stacks. One feature is an especially large collection of Western fiction. Many libraries, especially in small towns, have such collections, but if you are looking for something along this line, I suggest you visit Harmony!

I didn't have a chance to talk to the librarian here, as she was busy on the phone. As I left, I chanced to see that a former classroom across the hall serves as a program center for the library, which is great for hosting programs without having to rearrange or clean up the general library space.


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