Monday, January 25, 2016

372a Rochester, MN, interior pictures

I haven't visited Rochester again, but I just received some photos of the interior from a former co-worker (well, OK, my boss's boss, for a while). She made a visit shortly after mine and was able to get some interior pictures. She didn't provide captions, but I will do my best.:'

It seems that all, or most, MN libraries, when they collaborate with The Children's Museum,
get a "boat feature" of some sort.
I've seen sailboats, outboard motor boats, and here we have a canoe that appears to come right in through the wall.

I'm not sure, but I think this shows a window to the outside
at the "stern" of the canoe.

I did not see any Billy Goats Gruff beneath this bridge into the children's area,
but it would be a natural (if a tight fit) for story time.
You don't have to go over the bridge--but why wouldn't you?
The glass-walled area beyond is the teen/young adult room.

Another feature showing up in a lot of libraries these days is a set of free-standing panels
with activities on each "wall."
It's a neat way to provide varied activities for a bunch of kids
in a relatively small space.

I don't know whether this wide-screen monitor is for patron or staff use...but I want one!

[NOTE:To see my earlier entry about Rochester, MN, put "Rochester" or "372" in the search box.]

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