Sunday, February 1, 2015

305. MORE -- Luck, WI, Public Library

As I drove into the tiny town of Luck, it seemed like the basic downtown: two or three blocks of commercial buildings, a a few businesses on the cross streets. I parked a couple of blocks from the address of the library and walked the rest of the way, and when I came to corner, the Luck Library and Museum building blew me away! Compare the two pictures below, first the current building, then the former library building, now a dance studio. Evidence once again that towns want libraries!

The museum was closed, but a display in the shared lobby told me something I hadn't known about Luck: it was the home of a product familiar to almost any child of the last century. Scroll down to the last picture to learn what this was.

You can't really tell from the picture, but the library has a couple of bowed windows. Near the first of these is a browsing area for adults, with easy chairs and a rocker, periodicals, newspapers, and a reference collection.

There are about a half dozen public computers. The shelving is attractive wood.

Another bowed window is in the children's area; this one has a child-height counter along the curve, with a number of chairs. The collection is modest, but includes many children's classics. I know from my library work that these books (Farley's "Black Stallion" books, for example) are still popular. And of course, children and adults have ready access to all the books of the MORE library group. Also, there is a collection of recorded books for children and teens that looked large relative to the overall collection.

I enjoyed sharing jokes with the librarian; I think this is the first time in my travels that I've been gifted with a joke--one that I plan to share at work this afternoon!

For more about this library, go to, and check out their Facebook page at

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  1. Thank you, Ellen, for both your visit and your kind words. They are greatly appreciated. And let's see, the joke, courtesy of library patron John LaForge....
    I'm addicted to brake fluid, but I can stop anytime. hehehe, thanks again!


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