Friday, November 7, 2014

296. McGregor, MN -- East Central Region, ECRL

This library was very quiet when I visited, but as the local school is located just beyond the parking lot, I expect that the ambience changed an hour or two after I left!

A display cabinet in the entryway contained sewing items, including a McCall's pattern book from 1959. That date explained why everything in the display seemed familiar to me!

On entering the library proper, I noticed a series of "dog paw prints" on the floor, leading me to the children's area. Cute! The collection is not large, but the space is wonderful. There are three antique school desks along one side, but the large rocking chair is the main feature. The chair was created and donated in honor of Fae Porisch, author of a Christmas story that is written out on a large poster above the chair.

An area for teens includes a large circular rack of young adult novels.

I was interested to see that most reference materials may be checked out for three days; this is a rather unusual policy in my experience, but I can see its practicality for a small community. A high shelf holds school yearbooks back to the 20s.

The non-fiction shelves are set at a slight angle to the wall, rather than the standard 90 degrees. That, and the pictures on the wall at the end of each pair of shelves, add a nice visual interest. A large window and some live plants in the back create a pleasant browsing area near the fiction and media collections.

I can't resist mentioning the store I saw as I drove away, with the charming name "Barknarckles Store: Thrift and General."

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